Garlic Club

Garlic Club

Garlic of the Month Club

Didn't know there are so many varieties of garlic? Now you can sample a selection of unique varieties one month at a time for 4 months. As a member of the club you will receive 6 beautiful heads of a different variety every month including a variety description and suggested recipies. From August thru January your monthly shipment of fresh garlic will bring excitement to your kitchen!

Starting in September you will receive an early Turban variety followed by surprise every month that may include a Purple Stripe, Porcelain, or Creole. It's a great way to sample the many wonderful and different flavors of garlic. During the months of September and October we will also include planting instructions. Shipping is included.

Club members will also receive a bonus head of garlic, offering an exclusive peek at garlic varieties not available until 2017.

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Send me an email with any questions.