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Lautrec Pink (Rose de Lautrec)

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Lautrec Pink (Rose de Lautrec)
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Garlic Description: Rose de Lautrec (Creole, Hardneck) - Rose de Lautrec (Lautrec Pink) is the famous pink garlic from France. It is a unique creole variety garlic grown around the medieval town of Lautrec, France. This garlic cannot officially be be called Rose de Lautrec If grown outside of this region so we call it Lautrec Pink. Creole varieties grown in northern climates are typically smaller but store much longer than others. We were still eating our Lautrec Pink garlic in May! These pink garlic bulbs have a sweet and subtle flavor and can be eaten raw. We highly recommend including this variety in your garlic mix. 8-10 small cloves per head. 8-10 months storage. Early to mid-season harvest.